Product Description

Technical design rubber shock of a spherical joint appearance of the structure, through the use of steel reinforced nylon reinforcement, under high pressure, high temperature, and sulfur-treated rubber material, and attached to two floating floating metal flange, with high resistance and explosion-proof stretching the elastic structure of the spherical shape, to avoid pipeline connections Engineering system sequelae cause problems occur one after another.
Widely used in piping systems and equipment in order to prevent the impact of vibration, noise, thermal expansion and contraction, stress and change and so on. Shockproof rubber expansion joints have to extend the protective effect of piping and equipment life, and both excellent performance.
Carefully selected shockproof rubber expansion joints Design and Application of the material, but also have a unique set of technical construction of the important factors in determining performance. Diversity of choice of the polymer, in response to the needs of a variety of different fluids, these polymers effectively applied rubber shock expansion joints: EPDM, Neoprene Neoprene, Natural Rubber natural rubber, Hypalon rubber Hai Ba Long, Nitrile NBR, Butyl butyrate based rubber.