成立多年以來一直是國內專精於高品質伸縮接頭、防震軟管的產品設計、製造及應用的專業公司。結合業界多年以上銷售高品質伸縮接頭、防震軟管產品的專案經理人,能夠快速的提供最新資訊及最優惠的產品規劃組合、擁有豐富經驗的設計人員能快速有效率的為您解決任何問題,完全依據 (E.J.M.A) 規範設計製造,同時具備有施工安裝及維修售後服務,目前己在各領域的客戶之間獲得信賴與肯定。

Product Description

Stainless steel telescopic shock and vibration absorption joint action with corrosion, heat, pressure, and other characteristics of excellent effect, and is widely used in: automotive, shipbuilding, construction, construction machinery, chemical industry, gas piping, nuclear engineering and many other industries.
In substitution for the shortest length of rubber hose designed shockproof and has rubber shock joint unable to reach a high temperature, high pressure, presence or absence of cracks and having aging, depression, loss and other concerns, the fire safety features to meet fire safety requirements, able to maintain a high degree of cleaning fluid, it can be suitable for use in drinking water pipeline, after product use recyclable (can be re-dissolved material into other metal products), and the difficulty of recycling waste rubber material recycling and produce high environmental issues.
Dirk AlliedSignal Enterprises Ltd. - established over the years has been specializing in high-quality domestic expansion joints, vibration hose product design, manufacture and application of professional firms. Combined with the industry over many years selling high-quality expansion joints, shock project managers hose products, can quickly provide the latest information and the best combination of product planning, design staff has extensive experience in the fast and efficient for you to solve any problems, entirely in accordance with (EJMA) specification design and manufacture, along with construction and installation and maintenance service has now been in various fields between the customer access to the trust and affirmation.
Axial type expansion joints installed in pipeline applications to absorb the mount of displacement due to thermal expansion and contraction and high pressure piping and thermal coal produced by the high temperature fluid conduit.
Can absorb or mitigate the effects of vibration sources on line.
Compared to the U-type piping system, more convenient installation and space-saving economic benefits, saving the cost of the pipe.
So that the pipe has a retractable margin to facilitate future maintenance disassembly and maintenance.
The main function of the lateral telescopic joint of pipe to absorb the amount of displacement due to different conditions of buildings and building produced for building expansion joints and the absorption axis direction at right angles to the displacement compensation.