Various fields of construction, plant, or maintenance requirements from the modern technology of high quality piping system requirements


Flexible Joints

Mounted on the pipeline, designed to keep pump, air compressor, refrigeration and air conditioning equipment and vibration, the equipment installed in the import and export side, the device can effectively reduce the vibration transmitted to the pipeline handicapping rod set so improve and ensure product safety products can be effective in length, within the play the best earthquake

Expansion Joints

The expansion joint pipe main function is to absorb the amount of displacement due to different conditions of buildings and building produced for expansion joints of buildings and the absorption axis direction of the Cartesian displacement compensation.

Rubber Joints

Widely used in piping systems and equipment in order to prevent the impact of vibration, noise, thermal expansion and contraction, stress and change and so on. Shockproof rubber expansion joints have to extend the protective effect of piping and equipment life, and both excellent performance.


Telflon Joints

Use Performance Elastomers P.T.F.E bellows material, with acid, alkali, corrosion-resistant properties. Suitable for chemical fluid piping and equipment systems.