Pipeline isolation system


Isolation layer, within the seismic building Hall Road and building an important pipeline (fire, gas) of seismic design

Water damage phenomena or prevent gas leakage, the high-tech firms or public buildings and large commercial office, it is can not be ignored, a disaster or accident when there is no corresponding seismic design not only lead to serious damage to property, are more likely to causing casualties. Therefore, the fire within the building line, gas pipeline seismic design, the incumbent in Taiwan's frequent earthquakes, does have its importance.

National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) fire line seismic norms

National Fire Protection Association (Nation Fire Protection Association; NFPA) in the 2004 edition of NFPA 13 (Installation of Sprinkler System) Section 9.3 Protection of Piping Against Damage Where Subject to Earthquakes, seismic explains the installation and set up fire hose path specification. National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) presented PREVENTION design fire hose to the pipeline route must consider when full of water, seismic pipeline system can not be lower than the seismic design of buildings, and should avoid non-obvious structure within the building, on the fire piping system vibration caused any harm.

Line support (PIPING SUPPORT)

In the water supply supervisor (Feed) and the main convergence branch line (CrossMains) other takeover accessories must be designed rigid (Rigidity) design and use of steel (Rigid) connector, or install the ramp support (Bracing), etc., so that the line in an earthquake, the buildings may vary in horizontal and vertical directions, and shaken together into one type, in order to reduce the impact, squeezing or pulling destruction. Hanger (Hanger) is the fire water pipe line to support common construction method.

Factory Mutual Association (FM) pipeline seismic measures and requirements

Factory Mutual Association (Factory Mutual; FM) installation and seismic protection requirements for fire hose of the road, is set out in Section Factory Mutual Property Loss Prevention Data Sheets 2-8 of Earthquake Protection for Water-Based Fire Protection System in. Factory Mutual Association (FM) propose measures in the following seven major earthquake building fire water pipeline or equipment:
(1) reduce the relative displacement of the uncontrolled construction was secured to the structure of the branch line or equipment.
(2) may be at the displacement of piping or equipment will provide the necessary flexibility isolated element design.
(3) between the piping or equipment and construction material structure, walls or floors, provide necessary clearance (Clearance), the potential conflict between the hidden, minimized.
(4) provide piping or equipment anchor bolts, the potential of sliding or tipping over to a minimum.
(5) using the appropriate hangers (Hangers) and oblique support (SwayBracing).
(6) using a suitable pipe and isolation of elements linked parts, reduce pipeline damage may crack.
(7) the need for fire protection systems circumspect shock element calculations and plans, and to provide appropriate correct the design, installation and functional verification.

conclusion and suggestion

Large domestic high-tech factories, etc. Project case, due to the insurance companies involved in foreign reinsurance matters need to design its firefighting water pipe systems are in accordance with National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and Factory Mutual Association (FM) shock requirements, installation by earthquake necessary element of login authentication license, after which the 921 331 strong earthquakes after the earthquake and confirmed that the road is water proof design effective use. In Taiwan, the fire water pipeline generally within the building set, they meet the provisions of national standards of fire safety device settings, you can get approved by the local fire authorities and the use of licenses, and there is no particular shock for fire water pipeline has special requirements and provisions, thus increasing for luxury, high-rise buildings and fire water system for public use of the building, after the earthquake is still worthy use case is indeed worrying. Therefore, this article recommends, the Central Fire competent authority shall, Public Works Committee, experts and scholars, the purpose of creating a suitable fire line shockproof design specification and verification of specifications and acceptance criteria for eligibility after construction of Taiwan.