Isolation layer, within the seismic building Hall Road and building an important pipeline (fire, gas) of seismic design


Lateral Expansion Joints For Earthquake

Isolated set is installed between the foundation and building the barrier to large earthquakes on buildings shaking. Strong seismic isolators used to support building the pipeline, and to reduce the shaking of an earthquake. Isolated building by an important pipeline drainage, air, fire and other isolation layer, for absorbing the relative displacement of the site and buildings, the disaster occurs to maintain the normal operation of the pipeline.

Axial Expansion Joints For Earthquake

Because the pipe environment requires great amount of stretching the use of this type of cover-type one-way shock wave absorber which combine multiple Bellows, without internal pressure effect caused by elongation, and is suitable for large displacement compensation amount absorbed, but also play play the effectiveness of the protection of the pipeline to achieve the best effect. It applies to important pipeline drainage, air conditioning, fire and so on.

Drain Expansion Joints For Earthquake

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