Product Description

IL001 Series - Modular exhaust duct dedicated sprinkler hose
Dirk AlliedSignal provide FM certified modular exhaust duct dedicated sprinkler hose system, in this series on the exhaust line hose architecture, use duct line of high-tech plants, the construction can help customers save time, fast installation and easy.
This design saves the traditional pipe passage of time up to and installation in a small space, the secondary plagued construction of omission, he has also been designed to absorb shock and the amount of displacement of strong earthquakes produce.
Construction can help customers save time, fast and easy to install, allowing the main hard tube relative displacement between the wall and Smoke, and at the time of the earthquake, which can effectively reduce the excessive stress caused by the displacement of the pipeline or pipeline rupture, thereby affecting the wind tube of fire spread.
Duct systems for air conditioning plant in the region in addition to smoke or fire outside of the plant, the more important is that the plant will produce harmful gas (sometimes containing particles) immediate disengagement process area, coupled with centralized processing, and therefore Generally long line of fire and throughout several divisions, and therefore hazardous accidents can use this pipeline crossing fire division, resulting in large-scale disasters, there is a certain danger, and looking abroad because of fire within the duct or by wind cases continue to spread the tube, causing huge damage to property.
Therefore, foreign laws (NFPA318 Standard for the Protection of Cleanrooms, FM7-7 Semiconductor Fabrication Facilities, FM7-78 Industrial Exhaust Systems) for the setup and safety protection of the exhaust system, to a number of recommendations, such as FM7-78 recommends greater than ( including) 10-inch duct combustible material or a fire should spread doubt within the duct means automatic sprinkler, FM certification duct sprinkler hose line with insurance company requirements, and reduce the efficiency of high-tech factory exhaust duct fire disaster caused the loss, but also found in the high-tech sprinkler system within the factory exhaust duct of fire protection with excellent performance, the system may have to assess the effectiveness of efficiency, accelerate the design of the duct system protection.
At home and abroad due to fire or wind pipe duct by the continuous spread of the cases, and foreign laws for high-tech factory exhaust duct, it is recommended more than (inclusive) shall be equipped with automatic sprinkler within 10 inches of combustible material duct, then domestic there are still many manufacturers do not meet this requirement, the system can assist in the establishment of protection duct systems, duct effective protection against fire in the duct channeling burn, reduce the risk of fire damage.