Product Description

Dirk AlliedSignal provide DKFLH1001 series clean room - a flexible fire sprinkler hoses, the company's products have been certified by FM, fire department certification, which provides customers an effective, economical and easy to install fire sprinkler systems. It can be within a few seconds, quick, easy disassembly, or move the sprinkler installation.

Dirk AlliedSignal provided DKFLH1001 series of flexible sprinkler hose, pipe passage traditional savings up to 85% and installed in the tightest space, omitting the secondary troubled construction; it is also designed to absorb earthquake arising the amount of vibration and displacement amount.

DKFLH1001 fluid products through the testing standards FMRC center, it can withstand 700psi (4825kpa) above the working pressure.

FMRC center ISO-10380 standards, at a frequency of 5 to 30 beats / min, 50,000 consecutive times the rated working pressure of 175psi (1205kpa) cycle test, without any of the damage or leaks. And after 90 ° bending under pressure transducer, pressure cycling test 20,000 times in a row.

DKFLH1001 series flexible sprinkler hose, the current has been widely used in semiconductor electronics factory clean room fire fighting system architecture, such as TSMC, AUO, Innolux, ASE major companies and multinational foreign investors such as INTEL (Chengdu, Dalian Vietnam), SMIC, Jin Peng electronics ... and other enterprises use and recognition.