To replace rivets, nails, do not need to bring diverse tools, processes and cost savings


PU Sealant

Mold is not easy hereby health, internal molecular closely, no bubbles.
Silicone caulk to replace the traditional way, both beautiful.
High bonding strength and flexibility, can be bent
Anti-embrittlement, yellowing, aging and UV damage.
Excellent viscoelastic properties can effectively overcome the expansion and contraction caused by thermal deformation, moist environment to ensure quality.
Suitable for families with infants and young children, or elders.
Brand: 3M

Extreme Sealing Tape

Substituted silicone caulk and other ways, simple and fast construction
Anti-UV and weathering resistance.
Tape excellent ductility and thick tape design, suitable for uneven surfaces, may also be coated with rivets or screws.
Direct painting, beautiful, easy adhesive residue.
Excellent viscoelastic properties, can effectively overcome the shock or heating or cooling of parts caused by distortion.
Brand: 3M

Daul Lock

Exclusive patented design mushroom
Resistant than ordinary sticky tape weighing more than 5 times
Rapid assembly, tool-free
Beautiful does not replace mechanical fasteners
Brand: 3M


Citrus Base Cleaner

Natural citrus scent not pungent
Suitable for all kinds of oil, residue removal and surface cleaning
Effectively remove stubborn dirt grease, adhesive tape residue
Not to hurt the plastic surface (not recommended for use in PS material)
Brand: 3M