Fire Barrier Product Materials Engineering


Fire spread applications

Fire spread applications

Leaders fire spread engineering

3M has committed more than 25 years of experience in the development of fire spread engineering. Our complete product line successfully intercepted numerous fatal fire flame spread, smoke and toxic gases. With quick and easy installation by the American Insurance Joint Lab (Underwriter's Laboratories), Factory Mutual Insurance Association (Factory Mutual), Australia and Canada endpoint Laboratory (Omega Point Laboratories) ... and so on a number of universally recognized independent method safety Association certification. We have so far only capable of the full range of labor law by the manufacturer rigorous international safety tests. It covers the through line, interlayer plug, fire division top of the wall space, structural steel beams, smoke pipe or duct fire doors and fire emergency line to fill seal fire protection.

A full range of products FIRE BARRIER

By the following units recognized classification code (Classified): Underwriter's Laboratories, Inc. (UL-1479), UL Canada, Warnock hersey, BC (Japan).
Regulatory review and approval by the following units (Code Approved): The three major US building codes ICBO, BOCAI, SSBCC (N.E.R.243).
Through the Global Fire regulations test firing (Tested): ASTM E-814, ASTM E-19, NFPA 101 Life Safety Code As 1530.4 (National Fire Protection Association Life Safety regulations), BS 476, DIN 4102, ISO 834, JIS A 1304 and our CNS 14514 (fire spread throughout the unit test) ... and so on.
Full range of products are 100% free of asbestos (Asbestos) and polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) and other toxic ingredients.

Fire advanced test equipment, product quality witness

3M fire spread testing center to obtain UL and OPL laboratory laboratory authorized to give witness test data program (WTDP) license, where the idea of a real fire can be put to the test. The center at the company headquarters in Minnesota, and it is easy to experiment with new materials, research and development of effective fire protection systems.

Global commitment to quality assurance

FIREPROOF world through technology leader. Provide customer service and technical support in Taiwan 40 years of 3M Taiwan subsidiaries: Bayberry Support Centre attached to fire prevention training classrooms, and specialized 24-hour e-Training program provides comprehensive online training system spread fire.
The United States has been the size of the US insurance joint laboratory (Underwriter's Laboratories) approved field sampling test burning fire advanced laboratory equipment.
The use of more than 100 products and more than 1000 kinds of testing and validation systems, 3M can provide the needs of your fire most complete solution.
Strict complete authorized dealer and construction certification system, unlike the general traders.