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Fire Barrier Caulk

The high-performance high-quality water-based latex expanded fire clay, non-toxic ingredients.
Both absorbing properties, it can release water of crystallization in Fire, through lowering the surface temperature.
In case of thermal expansion, fill seal burning fire engulfed the void.
Construction without special tools, not sticky, quick-drying does not sag.

Fire Barrier Strip

RC-1 and collar set with use.
Both the expansion and the endothermic properties.
No removal of wear and tear, is reached (up to 12M long).
Suitable for all kinds of plastic packages.

Fire Barrier Sheet

Containing ceramic fiber reinforced, high-temperature resistant mineral synthetic elastomer rubber, side galvanized steel, steel mesh to strengthen the side, is a composite sheet fire board.
It applies through the large opening portion with multiple cables, wearing a tube, the ideal product trough.
Intumescent lightweight, simple construction and installation.
It is opening again, repeat the cable construction.


Fire Dam Spray

Caulks faster than the traditional, simple fire spray coating, can be used for wall construction joints and other top fire protection engineering.
Quickly mount interface, type into the soft and flexible filling cover.
Aqueous, can be dried at room temperature.

Fire Barrier Duct Wrap

The patent does not contain asbestos fireproof coating, surface attached to the checkered aluminum foil surface. With simple or multiple one inch or more flexible conduits and cables of non-flammable, return air duct fire protection.
Suitable for PVC, CPVC, PP, ABS and other materials.
Heat resistance, and it can be easy to install in new construction or installed directly on the existing fire-fighting equipment.
UL1709 test.